Elena Yasen-Lazo

The author of the genuine and effective healthcare programme for psychophysical health improvement and indolent weight reduction.

Elena holds the degrees in pedagodics and gymnastics, has the titles of Cand.Sc. in Psychology, associate member of the International Academy of Science, resource specialist in remedial gymnastics and dietology, master of sports of USSR, Wrote the "Psychophysical Health Promotion For Women Over 40".

"It's beyond doubt that from any ruins


a ruined human-being is the most pitiful sight..."

Théophile Gautier.


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Commonsence guides us to suppose that health, and therefore a healthy lifestyle, must be the primary need of a human-being. However, satisfaction of this need, following it the optimum result, may be complexed, peculiar and contradictory, and may have not lead to the desired goal.

I understand that it is not always easy to quit with bad habits and start to stand for new, healthier ways of behaviour.But I am sure that we just need to love ourselves and to believe that we deserve all the best things that life can offer!

That is the reason to offer you the Authorly target program with customized approach.

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